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Agincourt Capital Management, located in Richmond, Virginia, manages over $6 billion in fixed income portfolios for a wide range of institutional clients.

Agincourt (our name comes from the site of a historic battle in the Hundred Years’ War) was formed in 1999 by the investment team formerly comprising Sovran Capital Management. For over 20 years, our experienced investment team has been successful in meeting our clients’ return objectives while providing excellent downside protection.

Our “value-based” investment philosophy focuses on capitalizing on the best opportunities in the investment-grade universe. Our strong belief is that a bond portfolio’s primary purpose is to act as the “anchor to windward” in an investment portfolio, providing both stability and superior incremental return. The growth of our firm is a direct reflection of the consistent performance and superior client service that we have provided to our clients.

Located in Richmond, Virginia

Independent Institutional Fixed Income Investment Advisor (SEC registered), 100% employee-owned

Founded in 1999 by eight investment partners, all formerly investment professionals with Sovran Capital Management

Over $6 billion in assets under management for institutional fixed income clients

Investment Professionals
Ryon H. Acey, CFA
William M. Armes, CFA
L. Duncan Buoyer, CFA
Brad P. Coats, CFA
J. Christopher Haberlin, CFA
Shannon M. Hughes, CFA
Patrick K. Kelly, CFA
Stacey L. Margolis
B. Scott Marshall, CFA
Patrick T. O’Hara, CFA
Catherine C. Temple

Business & Technology Professionals
Erika D. Banks
Delorse K. Brown

Justin M. Hildebrand, CFA
John W. Monger
John P. Moran
Elsie L. Rose, CPA
Josh M. Scolaro
Jenifer M. Troupe











200 South 10th Street, Suite 800
Richmond, VA 23219
T: 804.648.1111 F: 804.864.2611